Fiberglass-Reinforced CIPP Liners

FerraTex offers Fiberglass CIPP liners that bring significant cost and labor savings, potentially even converting an on-site job into a factory wet-out. Backed by research and development from the best in the industry, these solutions allow a reduction in thickness for larger liners, and enable contractors to line pressure pipes with no additional licensing required.

Ferratex offers best-in-class CIPP liners that combine fiberglass reinforcement with traditional felt liner design and construction. The integration of these unique properties provides the strongest, most robust liner on the market today. Fiberglass-reinforced CIPP liners install using the same procedures as traditional felt liners, with additional performance characteristics for pipes ranging from 8 to 96 inches in diameter. Delivering excellent resin saturation and retention properties, our liners are manufactured by the world’s leader in CIPP lining solutions and provide superior physical and mechanical properties upon ASTM testing. Accredited ISO 9001:2015, every phase of the manufacturing of both the traditional felt and fiberglass-reinforced liners, including a 28-stage testing system, is done in one location, ensuring confidence for long-term performance of the installed liner.

With locations in New Jersey, Virginia, Florida, Tennessee and Nevada, FerraTex offers logistical advantages for customers across the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and parts of South America.

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